As the first semester of the VIVAPLAN project is unfolding, we are now actively organizing our second project meeting which will be held from 21:st to 23:rd of August at Södertörn University in Stockholm. As part of this meeting we will talk about the up-coming research, the Summer School and the Hackathons that we will be organizing in the coming year. We are also organizing a meeting with local stakeholders to talk about current and prospective collaborative opportunities on the topic of urban green governance, and in-between places more specifically.

 VIVAPLAN project is focusing on Ronna, a multi-cultural district in Södertälje, and we will do a site visit together with the local stakeholders. The district follows the Swedish 60’s functionalist and centralised design philosophy and is part of the large housing program of that time. These historical design choices are currently being reworked presenting a dynamic mix with the contemporary city planning and stakeholder engagement. Ronna has been the subject of earlier studies, mostly focusing on culture and architecture. In VIVAPLAN we aim to contribute with a novel insight on governance of in-between spaces in multi-cultural districts, such as Ronna.