The VIVA-PLAN research team held a series of successful autumn meetings at Södertörn University and in Södertälje, combined with a visit with municipal partners to one of the project’s sites, Ronna.

While yielding several fruitful discussions as well as important updates to the project road map, it was also an opportunity for the team to meet the Södertälje project partners for a discussion on possible synergies and collaboration between the team, municipal representatives and housing agencies. During the meetings, the team and partners noted the possibility for the VIVA-PLAN project to contribute additional data to the municipality’s urban green space and food plans. The municipality was also invited to partake in the project’s hackathon and workshop which will be hosted in Södertälje.


The team was joined by the municipal representatives on an enlightening visit to the project study site Ronna which yielded an interesting collaboration with the Ronna youth center.

The team would like to once more extend their thanks to the Södertälje municipality, its housing associations and the Ronna youth center for their contributions.

The VIVA-PLAN team