Since project kick-off in February 2019, we have been involved in a range of project building processes, including:

  1. Identifying new partnerships with youth groups in Urbanplanen and Ronna
  2. In partnership with local municipalities and housing associations, clarifying the biodiversity, social inclusion and well-being (including safety and security) challenges and opportunities in green spaces and meeting spot in Urban planen, Ronna and Lorensborg/ Bellevuegården
  3. Submitting comprehensive ethics applications to human research ethics boards in Denmark and Sweden
  4. Developing a multi-methods research approach to ensure we engage with diverse actors in each residential housing area, and translating this research approach into a revised program of works that meets the needs of our stakeholders.

One of our first deliverables has just been completed – a Fact Sheet that presents an overview of our multi-methods approach, and the applied benefits of the VIVA-PLAN project (see attached).  Shortly, we plan to translate this fact sheet into Danish and Swedish.  In the meantime, you are welcome to share the attached with your colleagues.

So what’s planned next?

  1. Dr Max Ritts is currently undertaking ethnographic and sound study research in Ronna and Urbanplanen and this will continue into 2020
  2. In November 2019, Dr Natalie Gulsrud and team will commence focus groups with residents in Urbanplanen
  3. Azadeh Shahrad and Dr Anna Peterson will be in touch with key stakeholders at Lorensborg/ Bellevuegården to discuss the next steps regarding their photo elicitation research
  4. Roope Kaaronen and I have just commenced a participatory mapping (or sociotope mapping) study in Amager neighbourhood.  This online survey will be administered online to a panel of 350 residents in Amager.  The survey will be repeated with a panel of residents in Lorensborg/ Bellevuegården between January and March 2020 and in Ronna between April and June 2020.
  5. Ecological surveys will commence in Ronna and Lorensborg/ Bellevuegården in Spring 2020
  6. Multiple members of the VIVA-PLAN team plan to draw together data from the above activities as part of a hackathon in Urbanplanen.  The purpose of the hackathon will be to co-create new design and planning guidelines for green spaces and meeting spots in Urbanplanen.  We will facilitate another hackathon in Ronna in September or October 2020 relating to the food and green space management strategies of the City of Södertälje.