Project team

Our interdisciplinary team is passionate about revitalising in-between spaces in ways that provide for multiple co-benefits for diverse stakeholders, including vulnerable groups. We have expertise in ensuring spatial planning recognises and integrates:

  • the social values of local communities (e.g., aesthetic, recreation, food, social relations, sense of place)

  • ecological values of native plants and animals (e.g., habitat quality, species diversity)

  • gender issues, including issues of procedural, recognitional and distributive justice, the needs and established strategies of cities, social entrepreneurs and housing associations

Christopher Raymond

Social values, human well-being.

Natalie Gulsrud

Gender issues, green justice and social inclusion

Romina Rodela

Social network analysis, social learning

Arjen Buijs

Mosaic governance, social network analysis, social learning

Christine Haaland

Ecological values

Anna Peterson

Landscape architecture

Alan Diduck

Multi-level learning

Ted McLachlan

Landscape architecture

Kari Lehtilä

Ecological values

Azadeh Shahrad

Sense of place, Mobility, Migration, Therapeutic gardens

Sanna Stålhammar

Human-nature relations, Sustainability, Inclusive governance, Urban green spaces

Our knowledge alliance

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Our knowledge alliance will be actively engaged in all major project activities to ensure that VIVA-PLAN’s frameworks are designed to meet best practice, as well as local needs and aspirations

Tim Delshammar

Landscape Architect, Malmö stad

Mads Boserup Lauritsen

Architect and urban gardener

Copenhagen, Denmark

Tim Lux

Head of unit, Urban Green Infrastructure and -planning, Södertälje kommun

Oliver Maxwell

Founder and Director of Bybi, Copenhagen City Bees

Molly McCracken

Director, Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives – Manitoba office

Stephane Parize

Social economy and building, 3B residential housing association, Copenhagen

Simon Tirkel

Architect, Planning Office. Södertälje kommun

Rob Hendriks

Senior Advisor, Public Space and Green, Municipality of Utrecht