VIVA-PLAN Reports:

Mosaic governance: A multi-method approach for engaging diverse groups in the planning of green spaces and meeting spots – Full Text.

Bedömning av sociala och ekologiska värden i Lorensborg och Belleveugården, Malmö och Ronna, Södertalje – Full Text.

Deliverable D3.1.a – Hackathons for inclusive urban planning: Exploring divergence to co-create convergence. Full Text.

Faktablad – Foto-elicitering som planeringsmetod för samråd med boende. Full Text.

Map of the established relationships between different actors and citizens. Full Text.

Literature review on the “urban metabolism” concept. Full Text.

Best practice techniques for engaging and listening to diverse voices in the planning and management of urban green infrastructure. Full Text.

VIVA-PLAN Project Update and Overview of Multi-Methods Research. Full Text.

The following reports have been produced through other projects, but are of relevance to the VIVA-PLAN project:

Conservation Acoustics: animal sounds, audible natures, cheap nature. Full Text.

Rethinking urban nature to promote human well-being and livelihoods. MOVIUMand SLU Urban Futures Report.  Full Text.

An impact evaluation framework to support planning and evaluation of nature-based solutions projects. Report prepared by the EKLIPSE Expert Working Group on Nature-based Solutions to Support Climate Resilience in Urban Areas. Centre for Ecology & Hydrology, Wallingford, UK. Full Text.


The following articles have been produced through other projects, but are of relevance to the VIVA-PLAN project:

Mosaic governance for urban green infrastructure: Upscaling active citizenship from a local government perspective. Urban Forestry & Urban Greening. (in press). Article Online

Cultural echoes in Dutch immigrants’ and non-immigrants’ understandings and values of nature. Journal of Environmental Planning and Management, 61(5-6), 818-840. Article Online

Innovative urban forestry governance in Melbourne?: Investigating “green placemaking” as a nature-based solution. Environmental research (New York, N.Y. Print), 161, 158158-167167. Article Online

Challenges and strategies for urban green-space planning in cities undergoing densification: A review. Urban forestry & urban greening 14 (4), 760-771. Article Online

Cultivating community through gardening in Kenora, Ontario. Canadian Food Studies, 3(2), 70-103. Article Online

A framework for assessing and implementing the co-benefits of nature-based solutions in urban areas. Environmental Science and Policy 77: 15-24. Article Online

The social side of spatial decision support systems: Investigating knowledge integration and learning. Environmental Science & Policy 76, 177-184. Article Online

The social learning discourse: Trends, themes and interdisciplinary influences in current research. Environmental Science & Policy 25, 157-166. Article Online

Green justice in the city: a new agenda for urban green space research in Europe. Urban Forestry & Urban Greening, Vol. 19, 2016, p. 123-127. Article Online

Arts-led science

VIVA-PLAN will engage local communities in a range of hands-on arts-led science approaches, including photo elicitation of preferred in-between spaces and the co-creation explorations of in-between spaces using drawings and modeling materials like Lego and plasticine. Pictures to come soon!